2023 SDR

£295.00 GBP £520.00



SDR 141 / 145 / 150

Our designers took the already loved DUP flat line
costruction added reverse vee and then put the tip
and tail on a diet Solid between the feet but softer and
lighter in the tip and tail. The SDR has the solid feel
of a heavy hitter but with reduced swing weight, extra
press and ollie pop. Edge concaves in the tip and tail
and signature reverse vee create edging power and rail

Key Features
100% Paulonia Timber Core
Flat line construction
Dyna6 Base
PU Side Walls
600G TriAx glass layup
StrategicProfiled Core
Reverse Vee Hull

Length (cm) 141 145 150
Width (cm)  43 44 44.5
Rocker (cm) 7.3 7.3 7.3
Stance / Foot placement (cm) 49-59 52-62 52-62
Insert Placement Spread (cm)  37-77 39-80 39-80